Travesía por el Mekong 2 – De Pak Beng hasta Luang Prabang

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Starting from Pak Beng we continue the journey through the Mekong River that will take us in just over 5 hours to Luang Prabang , the beautiful city designated by UNESCO as World Heritage in 1996 . As I mentioned in the previous post, not everything is “bad” in the journey, you can also enjoy magnificent views and more anecdotes on the trip …

Barge on the Mekong River
Barge on the Mekong River

Everything starts in good morning, well, not so soon because we left at 8.30, but it is impressive when you get up and see the low clouds that are on the mountains.

Pak Beng in good morning
Pak Beng in good morning

First I want to show you some landscapes that you can see on both sides of the river

Views from the barge
Views from the barge

The green of the landscapes is striking. The river … because it is brown, although they say that when it is not the rainy season the water goes down lighter. Anyway, I’d like to see it.

We also have the typical “beaches”, which are nothing but the sand that forms on the sides of the river in areas where people live.

Collection of packages on a "beach"
Collection of packages on a “beach”

On both sides of the river, life goes on, and within the ship it also continues …

Leave it to me????
Will you leave your camera?

This time the boat does not carry the backpacks in the front of the boat, it takes it underneath in a cabin in which more than one stumbled, but in its place other things fit …

Front of the boat.  Chiquilla that you sleep !!!
Front of the boat. Chiquilla that you sleep !!!

And until you get to Luang Prabang you can continue to see landscapes like this.

Landscape in the Mekong
Landscape in the Mekong

And there is little more to be said about the journey. Ah! Wait, I forgot! You have to put yourself in the best possible way so that the journey will make you bearable …

Carme enjoying the journey ...
Carme enjoying the journey …

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